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The Zipboard is the first and only patented portable retractable whiteboard used primarily by coaches of all sports, although it has several other sports related applications including but not limited to Health care (as a communication tool),...

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Allied MindStorm

Allied MindStorm is an open innovation website that invites the public to brainstorm new commercial applications around exciting university technologies in order to advance research and form new companies. Any individual whose specific...

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Jebbit makes advertising fun for consumers and effective for companies. Basically, we pay customers (college students are our target range) for answering questions about companies by bringing them to the company's website with a bar on the top...

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This at-home technology cleans teeth & gums with blue light by targeting dental plaque microorganisms, killing bad bacteria and stimulating the innate immune system. The product will look like a mouth-guard, or a lollipop, and consumers will...

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GaggleAMP Analyze

From the team that brought you the power of social media amplification, now bring together all your social media accounts into one analytical dashboard that helps you better understand your own impact and ROI for your social media efforts.


Discover fun things to do in the city, and seamlessly make plans to go with the people you care about using Savique.

Healthy Dog Treats

Just as it is important that we eat well and pay attention to the ingredients in our food and snacks, it is the same for our four legged friends. No preservatives, artificial flavoring or coloring is used in any of our cookies. Your dog is sure...

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Bizulu is Competitive Entertainment Shopping via a reinvented system of auctioning. Our patent pending technology is designed to put supply and demand together at the same time resulting in lightening fast 10 minute auctions. Bizulu will support...

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Akken Staffing

Akken Staffing™ is a powerful, affordable and easy-to-use web-based business software suite for staffing and recruiting companies of any size. It includes integrated email, applicant tracking, customer relationship management, job management,...

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Encapsulator is a disposable web browser. By visiting, you can surf the web in the same way you do now, except you'll be able to throw away your web browser when you're done. Encapsulator protects against known and unknown...

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Schedit is a hyper social event listings calendar that lives on It is called MY EVENTS (powered by SCHEDit launched on February 2nd 2012 and was covered by Mashable, who called the application "Twitter for Events". SCHEDit...

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