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Music is the shorthand of emotion and we want to enjoy music in the comforts of our home.
But Home Audio is complicated and dated because of complex speaker setup and boxy design.
At ARCHT Audio, we make home audio simple and...

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The SPOT app is a revolutionary approach to solving parking issues in metropolitan cities, starting with Boston. Taking a sharing economy approach, SPOT provides a platform for users to rent out their parking spaces whenever they're not using...

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Upveil allows you to find, post, and vote on the best and newest products in a variety of categories (fashion, tech, vehicles, decor, sport, food). The top voted products appear at the top. Its a great place to find new stuff that has come out (I...

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We create 6 unique objects for the home using maps of any address in the world- including yours. Zoom in, pan then crop your personalized map and then get it as a lamp... or a clock... or a tray, etc.


Cast Social Company

Cast is an app for organizing your friends for near-term, informal events such as going out for a drink after work or seeing a movie.
Right now, consumers are reaching for group chat or SMS to figure out the who/where/when, since existing...

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Touch Easel


The school desk reimagined.
Touch Easel is a 32” multitouch table designed around the needs of those with learning disabilities. In collaboration with leading clinicians, Sonzia created a cutting edge solution that brings education back to...

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Willow Workout

W2Designs, LLC

A New approach to Fitness, Yoga and Rehab. A 6 foot tall, Exercise device for strength and flexibility training. Designed by an Orthopedic Specialist, Physical Therapist and Athlete, this device is a beautiful and natural alternative to heavy...

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Part of our MIN #72 Student Start-up Spotlight. Cabinet Cloud builds government solutions. Connecting legislators, agencies, and governmental bodies to their constituents, the smart way.

Chirp chips

Six Foods

Chirp chips are a bean-based chip made with cricket protein. They have 3x the protein and half the fat of normal potato chips. Plus, they are all-natural and gluten-free. They come in three flavors: sea salt, hickory BBQ, and aged cheddar. See...

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The Wine Sidekick

WineKick, LLC

The Wine Sidekick is a wine and beer recommendation kiosk for liquor and grocery stores. The kiosk is a silent salesman to help customers find the perfect bottle for any occasion, food, or event.


al Freshco

al FreshCo is building a more resilient regional food system by making food grown by great local farmers more accessible. We make meal kits based on what our farmers have available, and deliver the kits to you by bicycle. You just follow the...

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ScanKart, Inc

"ScanKart is a hyper-local mobile marketplace to discover artisanal food, wine makers and specialty retail stores in your neighborhood and make it super simple for consumers to shop from them."
ScanKart provides a platform to these local...

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