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The VeraCloud Toolkit

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VeraCloud’s groundbreaking SaaS platform enables best-in-class diversity practices and eliminates barriers to Minority, Women, Disadvantaged, and Veteran-owned business utilization in the complex and poorly functioning US government contracting marketplace.
For three decades, the US government has mandated increased participation of Minority, Women, Disadvantaged, and Veteran-owned businesses (MWBE’s & DBE’s) in the $500+Billion government contracting marketplace, via utilization goals (defined as a mandated % of a contract’s total value) in public contracts and grants.
These Federal, State, and Local goals have been enacted to resolve inequalities and discrimination, but these mandates have never been paired with effective tools for coordinating & managing diversity efforts.
As a result, the public sector contracting marketplace is poorly functioning and is ripe for innovations that unlock opportunities for MWBE’s & DBE’s and democratize access to tax-payer funded, public sector spending.