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TapLink’s patented Blind Hashing technology completely secures passwords against offline attack, even if your company’s password database is stolen. Imagine you could join a Password Defense League where your users’ passwords are immediately secured by the total combined resources of sites all across the internet. Blind Hashing allows sites to effectively pool their resources into a common defense fund for securing passwords.
We provide an additive layer of security which works in conjunction with your existing password defenses, systems and processes. You maintain complete control over your data, your users, and your authentication process, with no lock-in.
TapLink Blind Hashing is a simple back-end API call; invisible to the end-user, easy to integrate with existing authentication frameworks, and perfectly secure against offline attacks. Blind Hashing provides defense-in-depth by completely protecting your site’s password database even in the event of a breach.
Our mission is to become the secure internet authentication fabric for everyone. Together, we can protect users by putting an end to password theft.