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The StorkIt mobile app enables on-demand shopping and delivery of retail merchandise between neighbors and friends. Use StorkIt for groceries, coffee, food from restaurants, at local and national retail stores, pharmacies, for gifts and anything else you can think of.
Headed to the grocery store? Send a StorkIt offer to a few neighbors asking if you can grab something for them while you are already there. Craving a grande latte but can't get out of the office? Send a StorkIt request asking if a friend or co-worker can pick one up for you! StorkIt can be used for anything and everything and be used anywhere, globally, any two people connect as "friends" within the app!
Download the app and invite your friends to join your personal StorkIt shopping/delivery network. There is no membership fee, no markup on merchandise, no delivery charge and you don't even need to tip your delivery person as it's shopping & delivery with your own friends!