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The Scarlet H

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Part of our Student Start-Up Spotlight from Bentley University: One out of every three first dates is through online dating and the use of dating apps.  Transitioning from online dating to in-person dating presents safety risks for women.  The Scarlet H is a mobile app that reduces this risk in three ways. First, the app allows women to review a man's safety score that has been compiled based on other women's reviews. Second, the app pulls together a man’s different dating personas. Many people use different information and photos on different dating apps. The Scarlet H will allow women to find reviews from women no matter which dating platform he uses. Lastly, The Scarlet H allows women to get access to basic information about the person they are interested in. This information includes age, name, location, and photos; basic facts that are not always available with many dating apps. The Scarlet H will revolutionize the standards of the online dating community by adding personal safety to the list of desired attributes.