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Power Treatment Energy Efficiency Technologies for Facilities

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We offer multi-faceted solutions which take into account a facility's physical and electrical layout, operating loads, and work environment characteristics and requirements. The energy savings measures are designed and integrated into a comprehensive and site specific solution. Typical results yield 10% - 20% kWh reduction. A facility's monthly savings will pay for the installation, with the stated payback period - insured and guaranteed! - for the entire cost of the solution typically in the 24 - 36 month range. A facility will see savings and benefits immediately.
Our products and technologies are based on sound, pragmatic electrical and thermodynamic engineering (including but not limited to):
* power factor correction
* current harmonic distortion elimination
* lighting voltage control; and retrofits where appropriate and desired
* cooling systems' refrigerant lubricant additive for improved heat transfer
* optimization of cooling and air con cycles to reduce power draw
* Treating, reducing losses of variable demand electrical motors, loads
The products do not affect equipment operation within a site, nor require any special maintenance, training, or know how on the part of employees. They become part of a facility's electric distribution system. Our solutions are complementary to energy management systems which cycle your loads’ run times, and with co-located generation capacity.
You manage your plant. We help manage the electricity and power draw in it to produce benefit to you. And the planet.