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We took the most nutritious superfood oils in the world and blended them together in just the right ratios. The result is an oil that is more nutritious and more delicious than any of its ingredients alone. We call it OmegaOil.
Handcrafted in small batches, OmegaOil delivers over 1,000 mg of omega-3s per serving - more than 10 times the omega-3s as olive oil! - and is the only oil to provide the health-expert recommended 1:1 ratio of essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
OmegaOil comes in two delicious varieties: a Cooking Oil and a Dipping & Dressing Oil.
OmegaOil Cooking Oil is perfect for everyday use. It has a smooth buttery flavor that adds a wonderful richness to your dishes. With a high smoke point of over 400 degrees Fahrenheit, it's great for everything from sautéing vegetables and roasting chicken to popping stovetop popcorn.
OmegaOil Dipping & Dressing Oil makes a delightful accompaniment to salads and sauces. It has a robust peppery flavor with floral, grassy notes thanks to the recently-harvested, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil we use in this blend. Try it over a fresh caprese or tossed with your favorite pasta.