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Jerez Electronics

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Jerez Electronics is a Lawrence MA based computer and services retailer focusing on providing the advice, services and hardware to help disadvantaged people get the technology that makes a difference in their lives.
A certified pre-owned laptop or PC we offer, will run a low income family or individual anywhere from $165 with a $14.95/month internet service -- a significant reduction to the average $300+ system with a $55/month internet plan.
The digital divide is real, and we have found four barriers that contribute to it. (I)Income (II)Language (III)Transportation (IV)Experience. The solution to this problem is: 1. Providing low cost technology 2. Being a bilingual staff that understands the disadvantaged needs 3. We are a local business 4. We offer basic computer classes that will help people move forward in, for example, resume writing, applying for jobs online and having access to health information.