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Jenyta enables public entities & private sector organizations, suppliers, partners and customers to synchronize their work activities in a manner that reduces costs, reduces cycle times, eliminates errors and guarantees compliance. We do this by intuitively integrating processes, information, and software applications in a unifying cloud-based platform.
For Massachusetts public-sector organizations, Jenyta is a solution for:
- Saving $100Ms of taxpayer funds
- Improving procurement processes that occur before & after posting RFXs on bid posting portals (i.e. CommBuys)
- Guaranteeing full compliance with agency, municipality and federal regulations
- Coordinating delivery of and improving quality of citizen services from service providers and agencies
- Increasing municipality use of state-wide contracts
- Increasing control and reporting of many processes, projects, cases and services.
- Saving public funds, improving productivity, eliminating errors and ensuring compliance