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Fashionable Functional Accessories

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Kyu Melange (Q-Mey-Longe), is a purpose driven fashion company. Launched in New York City, the brand offers “wearable art” that personifies The NEW AGE OF LUXURY. The multi-functional accessories including bags and clutches are presented across three accessory collections: The Global Fusion Collection, The Leather Luxury Collection and the Limited & Seasonal Collection. The structure, trimmings and lining in each product are a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering luxury that is affordable, fresh and functional. "Kyu" means progress in Japanese and Melange means mixture in French. Kyu Melange is not just a fashion company. It is a lifestyle. The brand represents an intricate balance between the past and the future, expressing a socially conscious fashion point of view that looks through culture. At first our customers and insiders are drawn to the product designs, then quickly become immersed in the story of Kyu Melange and the people behind the glam - "The Invisible Hands of Fashion " (TM).
Core to the brand is our social mission focused on 1. Celebrating the "Invisible Hands of Fashion", providing artisans with access to opportunities designed to elevate their economic aspirations beyond the local street corners AND 2. The Melting Pot Movement , a global, social ( and eventually commerce) platform that highlights the untold narrative of artisans around the world through the lens of fashion, beauty, music and contemporary art.