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Almost Edible Gourmet Candles

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Over 600 handcrafted, super scented gourmet candles that benefit breast cancer patients, domestic violence victims & homeless veterans.
These incomparable candles creations are authentic in appearance, true in aroma & genuine in presentation. They are so realist they will fool even the most experienced restaurant connoisseur, and have to be seen and smelled to be truly appreciated. Even the wicks are concealed for authenticity: under a butter pat, a piece of fruit, in side an ice cube or concealed inside the dollop of the whip cream.
Each are hand crafted the old fashioned way, in small batches with attention to every detail, and so fragrant that you don't even have to burn them to enjoy their incredible scent.
Some of the varieties that are on the menu include:
*cupcakes, short cakes, cheese cakes, pancakes, French toast & Belgian waffles.
*Cappuccinos, coffees, espresso, pies, sundaes, parfaits, tropical drinks, cocktails, beers & wines. etc.
Candle Artisans since 1970