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Mass Innovation Nights 67 - Women Founders

If there is one thing Mass Innovation Nights is good at, it's diversity.  Diversity of product (organic whoopie pies, underwater dog treadmills, iPhone apps, enterprise software, etc.); diversity of location (everywhere from Quincy to Westborough...

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What are Innovation Nights

I find myself being asked, "What are Innovation Nights?".  If you have not attended a Mass Innovation Night, you might think this is another pitch event, networking gathering or spot to get some free food.
You would be right on all accounts...

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Innovation Nights 66 at Tradecenter 128

Nothing like coming home, is there?
Mass Innovation Nights #66 was held at "Our House".  In addition to hosting the event, the Tradecenter also hosts our team on a daily basis for the last several years.  Convenient to both 128/95 and 93,...

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Innovation Nights is coming

Save the Date!  Innovation Nights is coming to New Hampshire on November 5, 2014.  Sign up now with your new product and we'll get the community together to help generate some noise for you!
Long a fixture in the Boston region as Mass...

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So you want your event/product in our newsletter...

Every week we send out an email newsletter (thanks Constant Contact!) to thousands of subscribers (mostly in the Boston region).  We also send out a "day of" event newsletter.
Our newsletter promotes our events -- the big once-a-month Mass...

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Mass Innovation Nights Reunion - We're on a Boat!

More than 650 new products have launched with Mass Innovation Nights -- and it's time to get everyone back together again! Do you support innovation? Have you launched a product with us? Are you a regular MIN attendee or one of our VIPs?  We want...

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