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SlideShark is a free iPad solution, which allows mobile professionals to accurately show PowerPoint presentations directly from an iPad—or via a television or projector connected to an iPad.
SlideShark is the solution to a problem that business users have encountered since the launch of... Read More

Mobile Video Solution designed for families. Simple. Smart. Secure.

Reduces the acidity and harshness of alcohol drinks while keeping the taste pure without using water to dilute.

Great companies are made by great people.
The Cangrade pre-employment test when combined with the public skill-test test marketplace cuts through the uncertainty in hiring with state of the art candidate management tools and the most predictive pre-employment evaluation commercially... Read More is an online community where career-minded high school students can find their best vocational match. Meanwhile, businesses and entrepreneurs utilize this virtual hot spot to scout for -- and work with -- rising talent that fits their corporate culture. In addition, principals... Read More

With each Me Two You baby blanket purchased, Me Two You gives a baby blanket to an orphaned child. Luxuriously soft minky fabric is trimmed with satin piping to keep baby warm and snuggly. Made in the USA, our Plush Blanket is the perfect gift for the parents-to-be or children ages 0-5.... Read More

DailyFeats makes reaching your goals fun. Through the app or at, DailyFeats helps you break down your big well-being goals into manageable daily steps.
Every time you do a small but significant positive action, it's a '... Read More

The Path is an award-winning interactive tour about Lawrence MA that uses sleek signs and online videos to tell the tale of two sisters who were caught in the largest industrial disaster in Massachusetts history.